SolarAdapt® SRT

SolarAdapt is Australia’s first truly Solar Responsive Thermochromic (SRT) adaptive PVB interlayer laminated between two panes of glass. SRT is an innovative technology that uses the sun’s energy to cause the tinting of the window, making it the perfect fit for sustainable building design. SolarAdapt Adjusts the level of tint depending on the intensity of the sun, without the need for power, resulting in remarkable energy savings.


Combines perfectly with the best low-E glass

Requires no power and assists with Green Star ratings.

An Insulated Glass Unit that achieves outstanding U-Value and low solar heat gain figures

Heat strengthened laminated safety glass

Reduced glare and maximised daylight


SRT film is laminated between two panes of heat-treated or tempered glass as specified by the customer, so design can still be customised.


Commercial and residential external windows Glass roofing

Performance tables

Regular IGU 6mm Clear/ 12mm Argon / 6mm Clear 8.5mm SolarAdapt12 Argon/ 6mm LoE-366®
Outside Glass Temp 10°C 65°C
Light Transmission 78% 54% 11%
SHGC 0.70 0.32 0.13
U-Value 2.5 1.63 1.63
Performance figures tableWhitepaper - SolarAdapt SRT